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Premium Döner Braunschweig

In the Schloss-Arkaden we offer you the best quality paired with the finest pleasure from the Turkish Kitchen. Enjoy the kebab in stylish and casual ambience.

Inspired by the idea to re-establish the döner in society, as well as to present it in a new way and to offer it to everyone in a stylish and modern atmosphere in an enjoyable way, our concept has its origin.

Whether as a refreshment at lunchtime or as a treat during a shopping break - visit us at Schloss Arkaden and enjoy first-class kebab varieties together with homemade side dishes.

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You can find our online menu HERE (download as a .pdf file), or divided into categories. Browse through at your leisure, we look forward to your order and are of course available for questions and individual compositions.

Bunte Burger

Döner Dürüm

Döner Salat

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Döner Story

Once upon a time Döner…

The origin of the döner began over 400 years ago in traditional Ottoman cuisine and is still one of the most popular freshly prepared dishes. Originally, this „Şiş Kebap“ („grilled meat on a skewer“), was prepared the old-fashioned way over an open fire until it was finally grilled spinning upright on a skewer. The meat was marinated with finely chopped onions, paprika, cumin, salt and pepper and then grilled until juicy. This recipe was passed down from master to apprentice and today is offered in numerous modernly interpreted variations.


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Welcome to our world of pleasure that keeps on turning and turning! Come to the place where tradition and modernity meet…

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